Friday, May 4, 2012

Sabah Teachers Told To Focus On Job

KINABATANGAN, May 4 (Bernama) : Teachers in Sabah have been told to focus on their job and stay away from activities which are detrimental to their duties as an educator.

Sabah Education director Datuk Dr Muhiddin Yusin said as teachers, their job was to educate and to produce outstanding students.

"We are public officials entrusted by the government to educate our human capital. It's better that we concentrate on our duties as educators and avoid engaging in activities which are not beneficial to our job," he said at a teacher's discourse event, here today.

Muhiddin said he received numerous text messages, emails and anonymous letters alleging the involvement of teachers in activities not related to their duties as educators.

sumber: BERNAMA

p/s:  Yep, dingar tu guru-guru buat seperti yang di suruh. Focus on your job.

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