He arrived at a police station only in a shirt and underwear, his pants in hand. And that was just the start of the bizarre incident.

The story was published online by The Daily Chilli, a Malaysian news website, which cited Apple Daily, a Taiwanese newspaper, as the source.
His wife arrived minutes later clad in a sexy bra and red panties, and gave her side of the story - which was... fascinating, to say the least.

She said she had suspicions that her husband was involved in an extramarital affair. However, she could not prove it.

Then she tried a... novel approach, which was suggested by a friend. She would tire out her husband with sex. The goal? Ensure he had no energy for women other than her. So what triggered that police 'drama'?

Apparently, they had sex and she wanted another round. He said no. Seemingly undeterred, she performed sexual acts on him for more than an hour.Exhausted by that time, the desperate man seized his pants and fled to the authorities for help. And thus began the whole fiasco.

The couple left the police station for home after receiving advice from the police. We're actually surprised the police weren't paralyzed by laughter the entire time.

source: http://news.malaysia.msn.com/weird-news/article.aspx?cp-documentid=4802417

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