Monday, October 11, 2010

Paranormal Activity : Siti Balqis’ vanishing acts have tongues wagging

JERTIH: Kampung Gong Nangka in Apal near here has been buzzing with stories of a young woman said to vanish in thin air after dusk- only to be found in strange places the morning after.

The family of Siti Balqis Mohd Nor, 22, claimed that she had been going through strange and unexplained phenomenon scores of times for the past two months.

Once they had recognised a pattern, the family tried to keep her in sight at all times, but somehow, she would still disappear.

“All it takes is to look away for a split second, and she’s gone,” her mother, Norizan Said, 47, said.

The first few times were frightening moments for the family, but now it was something to be expected.

The places she would be found later in - cluded on the roof of their house, on a tree, to a cement mixer machines and several times, at a cemetery 10km away from the house.

Norizan said the family had engaged the services of many bomohs but Siti Balqis kept disappearing. She would have no recollection of what happened until she found herself in strange places later.

“I can’t seem to recollect what happened or how I ended up at those places. There were times I could see my family next to me, calling out my name.

“I shout out to them or try to touch them, but I seem to be invisible to them. Once, I ended up in an abandoned house. My uncle was just next to me but he could not hear or feel me.” She said the cemetery episodes were the scariest thus far.

“I woke up and found myself on a grave. I realised my handphone was with me and immediately called the family to look for me.” The family’s house had been streaming with visitors yesterday since word on Siti Balqis’ experiences was published in Berita Harian.

There have also been calls and emails to the newspaper from bomoh all over the country offering their help to the family.

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This is freaking supernatural thing, this girl had no idea about vanishing and got invisible from her family. Looking forward to hear about this girl story and hopefully she can be cured.

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