Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beware, Gaya Street Very Dangerous

Dear Editor,

Hi, my name is Sim and i living at Kuala Lumpur (KL). I went to Kota Kinabalu (KK) last monday and back to KL today. I was stay at one of the backpacker lodge at Gaya Street and I get robbed there last night, such a shame..
The story happen like this. I went to the Maybank at Gaya Street for withdraw some pocket money and when I out from the bank walking back to the lodge, two sexy young local girls come and talk to me and we chat for a while. Then they offer me to have sex with them with RM50, I was thinking why not (as I travel alone and I know it was my bad to give them the chance to robbed me)

And I follow one of the girl to the back street behind the Maybank and go to her room in the second floor of the shop house. I was surprise because there is another 5 to 6 girls sitting down there and like waiting for the customer, talk with the guys, the cars pass by.

So, I think should be safe since they doing ‘BUSINESS’ so openly, like got license one.
When I get in her room, the room is dark and 3 guys was in the room. I was like SHIT, THIS IS A TRAP!
The room is really-really dark and they ask for my wallet which got RM400 inside and then I talk to them: “Bro, saya faham kau orang mau cari makan, duit I kau orang ambil la, tapi IC saya semua bagi balik la.”
I was really calm cause I believe they will not do bad thing on me but still, I am afraid..
And then the girl open the door and run out from the room with my wallet and the guys blocking me and tell me that they dont know this girl, this girl just a room guest of them but they can get my wallet back to me. I know they just doing a show and I keep begging them, don’t like that la, duit sudah ambik, give me back my ID la, I have to go back KL tomorrow.
Then one of the guy ask me to wait downstair and they will get my wallet back to me and what happened that time is I saw 4 police with 3 motorbikes were there talking to the girls and one of the guy who blocking. They seem like knowing each other. I was just thinking that my savior is coming but after that, I was like, sigh.......
The policemen keep talking with the girls and teasing them and those girls still doing what they do moment ago, waves to the car pass through. At that moment, I was thinking it ll be helpless if I tell the police I just get robbed by the guy he talking with and maybe I will never get my wallet back which got my IC, driving license, ATM card inside.

So I just keep quiet and standing there and wait for the guy who said will give my wallet back to me. After 5 minutes, one of the guy came back with his motorbike and say to me, the girl took all the money and he got nothing, he ask me to give him RM250 to get my wallet back. I bargain and bargain with the guy and finally, he give me back my wallet after I deal with him for RM100.

After I gave him the money and he said to me: “tak guna la kalau kau mau report police. kau tengok la, police itu semua geng kami” .... and I just go away from there...what a day and I blame nobody, my bad and I am stupid.The reason why I email you is I believe I am not the only victim and what I cant believe is police is there for them like a friend or guardian, I don’t know.

As you know, Gaya Street got many hotels and backpacker lodge over there, what if they do the same thing to tourist who like me? I strongly believe if this happened to the foreign tourists, once they going back to their country, they will tell all their friends not going to Sabah or write on their blog or facebook what happened to them by making other story la.. This is a very-very negative image and shameful of Sabah and I guarantee it will effected the tourism of Sabah.

I was shameful to make a laporan police and I thankful to God that teach me a very-very good reason with RM500.I believe if you publish this article in Sabahkini, the police of Sabah or the politician of Sabah will do the right thing to improve the image of Sabah. Thanks and please be confidential of my ID, I will try to forget about what happened last night.


Kesian kepada mangsa rompakan ini, memang kes macam begini banyak berlaku di Sabah dan Gaya Street termasuk dalam black area di Kota Kinabalu. Berani betul geng pencuri ni bagitau dia adalah kawan dengan polis dan kalau betul lah polis berkomplot dengan orang macam begini saya rasa pihak atasan perlu ambil perhatian yang serius tentang kes ini. Diharap kepada pelancong dari luar mahupun tempatan yang datang pigi KK mengambil ikhtibar kejadian yang menimpa saudara Samson ini, jangan mudah terpedaya dengan ajakan daripada orang yang kita baru kenali.

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