Tuesday, July 10, 2012


TAWAU: Firefighters always expect the unexpected when they get an emergency call for help. But nothing prepared the fire and rescue squad from the local station here for what they would find when they responded to a desperate plea to deal with an intruder in a householder’s garage.

The six-man crew rushed to the home of plantation officer Aziz Djuja, when he phoned to report a two-metre crocodile hiding in his garage.

Shocked Aziz, 41, said he had just driven into his garage last Sunday evening when he spotted what he thought was a piece of wood on the floor.

But when he stepped out from his car to clear the unexpected “piece of wood” out of the way, he found himself staring into the eyes of man-eating crocodile!

“I was shocked and I immediately called the fire station for help,” he said.
Aziz was more than grateful when the firefighters arrived to deal with the beast after his 9.15pm call.
But even then, the crocodile proved no pushover to capture.

“My men took about 15 minutes to catch the crocodile,” Tawau fire and rescue chief Rudy Fredzek said.
Fortunately, his men were able to overpower the reptile – without any casualty – and the crocodile would be handed over to the Wildlife Department.

So it was the case of all’s well, ends well for Aziz.

But even now he still can’t help wondering how such a creature could end up on his doorstep – when the nearest river is more than one kilometre away from his home!

p/s: Wow can I get this one croc to be my pet. LOL.

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