In China, one man wonders what he should do about the 6,500 kilograms of salt he bought during the height of the salt-buying panic in the nation.  

This was when many Chinese flocked to stores to buy iodized salt, believing it would protect them from radiation originating from Japan's crippled nuclear reactors.

Alas, the Chinese government then publicly refuted the anti-radiation capabilities of salt, causing its market price to drop sharply. 

Now, the man, having the surname of Guo, is stuck with three truckloads of salt. The cost of this buying spree plus delivery? $4,100. How about having enough salt to last you many lifetimes? Um, priceless? 

China Daily, an English-language newspaper based in China, reported that the man had feared that the substance would be unavailable on the market for an extended period. 

p.s: Salt, anyone? Duh what kind of person who bought 3 truckloads of salt. Wanna sell it back with high prices. Nah think twice before you do something. Don't simply take all the rumor so seriously because back then you suffer from the act of your childish thing. Use your brain wisely :)